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Directorio PETmi
Antigua street dogs
Servicio a domicilio: No
Zona: AN
Antigua, Guatemala

A community of people working together to help prevent the overpopulation of dogs & cats through education & clinics in the villages of Antigua, Guatemala
We know the road ahead will be long and hard at times, but with the support of amazing people like yourselves, our own continued passion and vision to make things better - the ripple effects of positive change will be achieved. To date we have been facilitating spay/neuter clinics in the village of San Juan del Obispo. Each clinic weare able to sterilize up to 16 dogs and cats and although this may seem a small number, this number alone will prevent the unwanted litters of 100's of babies being born into suffering and starvation.
We know that with donations and the kind support of volunteers we will affect change and reach our goals: one by one, pet by pet, family by family, school child by school child :) 

I wish to extend my greatest thanks to Maya Vet expeditions and his team for their continued support of this project and for helping us to make the clinics possible.

♥ Thank You ♥ The Antigua Street Dogs Association, Guatemala.